Liar × Liar ライアー×ライアー

Liar × Liar

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My love rival is….me?!

What will happen in this unpredictable love?!

Minato, a plain female university student who has little experience with love, lives with Toru who became her same-age but younger stepbrother from their parents’ remarriage. Toru is very unfriendly but since he is also good-looking and a womanizer, the two of them are in a strained relationship, and they keep aloof from each other.

One day, Minato walks out on streets wearing a high school uniform and gal’s makeup at the request of her best friend Maki, and runs into Toru… Minato instantly lies to him that she is someone else, a JK (female high school student) named “Mina”. Toru believes her lie and starts to make a move on “Mina”!!

Although Minato intended to disclose her identity soon, she sees Toru behaving nobly and single-heartedly for the first time when he gives her a smartphone just so they can keep in touch, and putting an end to all relationships with other girls. She becomes hesitant to tell him the truth and unexpectedly starts to go out with Toru as “Mina”. Once Toru starts dating her, his expressions of love become more and more stronger. He suddenly hugs her during a date, tries to kiss her in public, and starts to live by himself for “Mina” in the end.

With even her chastity endangered, Minato thinks “This is not right!” and looks for the right time to break up with Toru. However, all of a sudden she feels her heart pounding seeing Toru smile saying “I'm so glad we're together.” Just then, Minato’s childhood friend Karasuma, whom she reunited at a get-together of university circles, confesses his love to her. Since he loves her just as she is, she becomes attracted to him.

Determined to part with Toru, Minato disguises as “Mina” thinking “This is for the last time.” and talks to Toru about breaking up saying that she will follow her parents who will be transferred overseas. Toru sheds tears saying “I don't want to break up. I love you so much, Mina.” Overwhelmed by his straightforward feeling, Minato couldn’t help embracing Toru.

Minato starts to go out with Karasuma after breaking up with Toru, but she is bothered by a guilty feeling that she hurt Toru’s feelings. In the meantime, Toru was shutting himself away at home feeling depressed by the breakup with “Mina”. Hearing Toru’s condition from his only friend Katsura, Minato disguises again as JK “Mina” and runs to Toru’s apartment…Will Minato be caught out in her lie or not? And what is another “lie” which is revealed at the end?

Will a love which started from a lie turns into real love?





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