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Young surgeon Hayami is asked at short notice by his college senior Kosakai to take his shift for one night as duty doctor at Tadokoro Hospital, which is full up with patients. The five-story hospital even accepts people who cannot be identified, and gives them intensive treatment within a peaceful environment.

However, one night, that peace is suddenly shattered.

A dangerous criminal who disguises himself with a clown mask turns up on the first floor. He has just robbed a nearby convenience store, discharging a firearm and inadvertently shooting a female college student named Hitomi. She has been brought to the hospital as a hostage.

Tadokoro Hospital is now caught in the clutches of the masked hoodlum. In addition to Hayami and Hitomi, who receives first aid, the hospital’s director Tadokoro and nurses Higashino and Sasaki also find themselves trapped within the building. Of course, the same applies to the hospital’s patients.

The hostages become prisoners behind impenetrable iron bars as the hospital turns into a deadly prison. Hayami suggests they should alert the police, but Tadokoro stubbornly refuses for some reason. The two nurses obediently align themselves with the director’s judgment. Their suspicious attitude brings Hayami to the realization that the hospital is not what it seems.

Patients without admission records. Staff who refuse to alert the police. A hidden sickroom.

Something isn’t right here. What secret is the hospital hiding?

The hostage-taker’s motive and purpose is also completely unknowable.

As Hayami and Hitomi delve deeper into the hospital’s many mysteries, which only become increasingly perplexing, they desperately search for ways to escape. Then suddenly, as truths shrouded in darkness rise toward the light, a murder occurs.

The hospital’s mask of lies begins to slip...

What is the shocking secret that will send shockwaves through Japanese society? And will our heroes be able to escape to freedom?





GSC Mid Valley, Klang Valley

10 Jan (Mon)


GSC 1 Utama, Klang Valley

8 Jan (Sat)


GSC Nu Sentral, Klang Valley

9 Jan (Sun)


GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang

16 Jan (Sun)


GSC Paradigm JB Mall, Johor Bahru

16 Jan (Sun)


GSC CityONE Megamall, Kuching

23 Jan (Sun)


GSC Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu

23 Jan (Sun)